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New freebie today at The Modern Marigold! Come on over and check it out!

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Today’s the day!!
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my life would suck without you

I came across this print on Etsy last week and totally freaked. This is exactly the kind of thing R and I would say to each other.

I put it above our bed (with a nail! and a hammer! see, I really can do it), which space has been in need of some TLC. Behind the print is just a super-starched piece of fabric. Easy peasy fast!

boho pretty

Happy Wednesday, friends! We have been super busy around here, but I wanted to pop in with some pretty pictures for today.

:: the loveliest little sitting space via an indian summer with thanks to shannel::

:: someday I will learn to arrange flowers as prettily as this, via once wed with thanks to oh hello friend ::

:: I want to eat this for lunch — that ok with you, Anna? via noodlehead::

:: this phrase used to annoy me, but this sunny print might change my mind, via keep calm gallery ::

:: I’ll take one brick wall, please? via jenny darling with thanks to candace::

:: so snuggly, so cheerful, so bright! via selmaoglinea ::


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