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boho pretty

Happy Wednesday, friends! We have been super busy around here, but I wanted to pop in with some pretty pictures for today.

:: the loveliest little sitting space via an indian summer with thanks to shannel::

:: someday I will learn to arrange flowers as prettily as this, via once wed with thanks to oh hello friend ::

:: I want to eat this for lunch — that ok with you, Anna? via noodlehead::

:: this phrase used to annoy me, but this sunny print might change my mind, via keep calm gallery ::

:: I’ll take one brick wall, please? via jenny darling with thanks to candace::

:: so snuggly, so cheerful, so bright! via selmaoglinea ::

today i’m excited about

:: It’s a warm, sunny day & right now I have baguettes baking to eat with dinner tonight). They smell so good.

:: Gold strike! Embroidered mumus have been on my perpetual hunt-for list ever since Rachel at Smile & Wave fixed one up last summer. (What’s on your perpetual hunt-for list, by the way?)

:: Also found this fun little book, published in the 1960s by a guy who wanted to preserve his grandfather’s country wisdom and know-how. Chapter titles include “Sugaring,” “Doing with Stone,” and “Indians.”

:: Heather’s Joyful Life Library! Advertising with a beautiful purpose; I hope we start seeing more projects like this on the blogosphere.

:: MM scrap pack giveaway on the Vintage Sheet Blog! Jen’s been hosting a whole month of giveaways in celebration of her one-year blogaversary. Congratulations, Jen!

:: Babies taking pretend naps in the laundry. The 3 of us had dinner at Denny’s last night (the man was in the field) and had the. best. time. Kids eat free Tues/Thurs, so it cost less than McDonald’s usually does. And with a lot less chaos.

:: Baguettes making happy crackling noises as they cool. Surely we won’t need all four for dinner…

inspiring artists: katie daisy

I have been in love with Katie Daisy’s work since I first saw her You Are My Sunshine print over on Sea Water Tea Co. a few months back. Her style is so vibrant, fresh, cheerful, and color-saturated — the stuff of your favorite technicolor daydreams. I finally ponied up for my favorite two prints — strategic reminders to myself, really. My mouth fell open when they came in the mail. Katie’s prints are even more beautiful in person, and I love looking at them every day. I have this favorite little daydream where we move back to Logan and I open a little juice shop where the carrots are always sweet, the staff are dreadlocked USU hippies, and the signage is by Katie. Someday!

Anyway, get a warm mug of something and head on over to The Wheatfield — you won’t be disappointed!

color is so happy

1. party napkin quilt top , 2. SG quilt progress report, 3. pin cushion for giveaway, 4. Hello March!, 5. do. Good Stitches {A Charity Bee} – Hope January Quilt, 6. All Dressed Up…, 7. Cheery Pillows!, 8. This is so practical! And looks nice too!, 9. Untitled

Flickr has been killing me with all the amazing things people are doing. I hope you are having a deliciously springy weekend. Be back next week with more photos from the sugaring!

navy + dots

I guess it’s not just me.

{via Modcloth}

{via Modcloth}

{via Ruche}

Louise had the brilliant idea of adding lace to the bottom of my too-short dress (see below), so maybe we’ll see what we can whip up over the weekend.

Also on my mind today —

Ms. Horner’s unfailingly perfect color instinct —

Further adventures in sourdough (look how happy my starter is!) — and the suspicion that some pain au chocolat might be in my near future —

And this happy reminder

Stay snug this weekend!

flickr faves

1. For Kelly – Twice Around the Block Bee, 2. Safieh’s placemats 2, for PQS4, 3. African Flower Cushion, 4. Swerve mitts in Chroma, 5. Belle, 6. Kaffe Fassett circles, 7. August Fresh Comfort 2—#5, 8. Finished Value Quilt, 9. do. Good Stitches

Crafty color explosion! It’s killing me. Happy Friday; I hope your weekend bursts at the seams with inspiration, comfort, and the time to do whatever your heart desires most.

favorite five

Hi everyone! We’ve been busy.

Today I want to share some of my favorite blogs with you. They are all a little bit different, but their similarities jump out instantly: color, positivism, beautiful images, and good design. These ladies’ blog posts always make me want to make my home and/or my attitude a little bit prettier and worthwhile to hang around:

Blessed Little Nest
Heather (who is also a knockout designer) blogs about finding the loveliness in everyday life, and runs the series Life Made Lovely each Monday. She shares images from her beautiful, bright, ever-changing home, real moments with her children, and luscious crafty inspiration.

Contented Sparrow
If I could nab anybody’s decorating style, it would be Megan’s. Her home exudes cheerfulness and creative refuge. Faith, homeschooling, and nature are frequent topics, and I always leave Megan’s blog a little more determined to recognize and embrace the little gifts He gives.

An acronym for “I Still Love You,” Melissa celebrates her love of art, crafting, and design every day, even though she’s had to push her hobbies over a little since having kids. Her calligraphy is to die for (check out her freebies page), she has serious thrifting ninja skills, and she knows how to put together cute, affordable outfits, even when 9 months pregnant. Her approachable, can-do vibe that makes me feel like I can do cool stuff, too.

Soule Mama
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to be a fly on the wall at Amanda’s house. She writes frequently about mindfulness — always striving to slow down and savor the simple moments for what they are. They’ve recently moved into the farmhouse of their dreams, and it is a pleasure to watch as they settle in with their four (soon to be five) kids, flock of chickens, and pair of pigs, crafting it into a most inspiring and beautiful home.

Oh, Hello, Friend
Every post on Danni’s gorgeous blog is eye candy. Her site is chock-full of inspiration, which comes in the form of home dec, handmade goods, themed photo roundups (get a load of her post on drawers), and design work. Clean, fresh, and lovely.

I hope you find a few good reads! Please link to more must-not-miss blogs in the comments!


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